The Importance of SEO to Get Highly Ranked in Search Engines.

This blog post is the first of my ‘how to get more traffic to my website research‘. I have focused on SEO (Search Engine Optimisation), what it is and how to use it effectively. After all if you aren’t ranked by the search engines then you may as well give up and not bother. I am speaking to myself when I say that, mainly because I understood that content was king, and you mustn’t sacrifice content for keywords. That isn’t the right way either. So what is the right way to get good SEO for your website.

My understanding now, is that Google wants your website to be user friendly, a website that your Grandmother would be happy to use, that she shouldn’t arrive on it and immediately click off because she couldn’t find what she was looking for.

Content is important and relevant. But so are keywords. However your keywords must be used in a particular way, and this is something I have just discovered, so I find that I am going to have to go back to the drawing board and adjust my blogs to take this information in.

But before I deal with the keyword information, I want to complete what I was saying about the content of your website. Google wants the content not only to be interesting and fun to read, it mustn’t be dry and uninteresting, and of course it must be unique. Google wants Grandma to trust the information on the website if she comes to the website via Google. Grandma also wants to know that if she gives her credit card on the site, her details will be protected and that she will get exactly what the site says she is buying.

In other words your site must be authoritative, and have integrity.What Google doesn’t like, is what is known as bad neighborhoods, meaning gaming sites, porn sites or even websites promising cures for cancer and other illnesses that aren’t medically backed up. Even sites that are into MLM or network marketing, or sites that buy backlinks, and comments. Or uses software to make auto or spam comments on multiple sites especially if they are leaving their website’s URL which is a form of advertising on your website.

If you are into buying back links Google soon knows and I understand she will quietly downgrade your ranking. Allowing comment spam also gives you a bad reputation with Google, she wants you to delete all that stuff. Even today people are advising you to go to and for a five dollars you can get someone to do thousands of back links to your website. But that doesn’t do any good. Backlinks are important but are only helpful if they are genuine, and especially if the backlinks are from a site that is an authority of your niche – it gives credence to your website, which is what Google wants.

Another no-no is writing guest posts on a ‘bad neighbourhood site’. It seems you become tarred with the same brush when you do so.

The other thing Google doesn’t like is ‘over optimisation‘, she doesn’t like it when you stuff your blog full of keywords that stop the flow of the article. This keyword problem is very particular, get it right and you will rise in the rankings, get it wrong and you will lose out in the rankings. Sometimes it is very difficult to use keywords, for instance this blog post doesn’t lend itself to keywords.’The importance of SEO’ isn’t something that people are asking the search engines, but it is important for this blog post. So again I am not able to use keywords for this blog post.

As well as wanting good content, unique content, they don’t want spun content i.e.the same article but with different words wherever possible, trying to make it unique – even though it really is the same. You can purchase article spinners that will do that for you, but often the article isn’t really readable. Not only does Google want content, good readable unique content, but they want your site updated frequently. They also frown on you outsourcing the content, especially if the writer you are using, their first language isn’t English.

They also want you linked to the social media sites, but again they want real tweets, and with Facebook, you not only need likes, shares but also comments. Comments being very important because that denotes it is real and real people are appreciating your posts.

So it is a fine balance and you do need to know what you are doing. But it can become very time consuming and costly.

Recently I received a comment on one of my blog sites that told me my On-Page SEO was missing quite a few factors. They told me I wasn’t using all three heading tags in my post or using italics or bold type correctly. Apparently not only must you use the keyword, or long tailed keyword in your URL, but you must use it about three times as a heading in your blog, using the 3 different heading tags or fonts. Then you should use the keywords in your paragraphs asking the relevant questions that people would probably use whilst doing their search in Google.

In other words if you are reviewing a product you could use the product’s name as your keyword and the question you ask is, ‘Is ‘PRODUCT’ a scam?’ ‘Or will ‘PRODUCT’ earn money for a newbie?’ They made the statement that ever since Google changed their algorithms, called the Panda Slap, where quite a number of Internet Marketers lost their rankings and therefore their livelihood, that backlinks or RSS Feeds or ‘pinging’ are no longer enough, you really need to get your SEO right if you want to be highly ranked by Google and Alexa. Algorithms is a set of precise, not ambiguous rules that specify how to solve some problem or perform some act e.g. how to get highly ranked in Google.

This completes this blog post on the importance of SEO and what is involved to get your website highly ranked in the search engines. I hope it helped you understand what you need to do to get highly ranked especially in Google. I must confess I find it very difficult to put SEO into action, sadly if one wants to get highly ranked one must endeavor to get to grips with it all. My next blog post will be on social media as another means of getting traffic to your site.

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I was born in Zambia,educated in Cape Town, South Africa and emigrated to the United Kingdom in 1970. I came to marry my husband, whom I had met in Cape Town, we have been married for over 40 years and have 3 children and 2 grandchildren of whom we are very proud.
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