The Importance of Long Tail Keywords, Search Engines and Keyword Tools

Please read my previous post on the Importance of Keywords to know how important using the right keywords are if you are wanting people to visit your site.Today the buzz word out is ‘long tail keywords’ or phrases that are not the generic words people are typing into Google, but are both relevant or similar and the competition isn’t so great. If ‘dog training’ is the generic keyword people are using, then a relevant phrase or long tail keyword can be ‘how to train your dog properly’,

There are two arguments, to use them or not. I think it depends on the type of website you are building.Is it a website that you are simply building to promote or sell products, do a product review, or is it a website where you are giving information (known as an authoritative website) or simply writing articles and blogs on whatever.

It is daunting to know that 20% of all Google searches are unique – that is, the question asked has never been asked before. It is also daunting to know that 60% of searches are for information only and are not from people looking to purchase products.

Some websites don’t really work well with trying to weave a lot of keywords, long tail or generic, into the content, it upsets the flow. Actually the search engines don’t really like that either, so it is back to the basic question , what keyword must I use to have people coming to my site, and importantly if I am selling products what keywords will help people want to buy from me.The answer should really be, start with the question you think people must ask to find your site, and then find a good keyword, long tail preferably, that is related.

Understanding how search engines work also helps you to decide on how important this is. Search engines use software – called spiders – that gather information from your content – they are looking for keywords and links. They take no notice of images, so if you are using images make sure they have descriptions or they will be ignored. The spider loves keywords, URL’s, and links and backlinks – they even like links going to your site from social media sites like Twitter of Facebook, Digg and Linkedin.

There is also something called an algorithm, and annoyingly these algorithm’s are changed from time to time and can make a site that was highly ranked, lose its rankings. It’s a mathematical formula that indexes words, pairs of words and links for word combinations to figure out what the page is all about. What it also is trying to find are pages that have been duplicated – the search engines do not like duplicated content. This software is really an index software and it records and stores all this information and makes it available when someone makes a search.

When you type in a question into the search box the search engines ‘query software’ goes into action to try and match your words with the best, most relevant web pages it can find in the records that have been created by its own index software. Those records are made by the text, links and URL material the spider software collects. That is the reason why keywords, links and URL’s are so important.

To help you make the right choice of keywords there are many keyword tools for you use.Google Keyword Tool is very good, and it is free, in the last post I included a short quick video by Tom Parker to give you an idea of how to use the tool. If you want to watch a short video on how to use Google Keyword Tool than click here There is also Wordtracker which you have to buy, but Wordtracker will help you find words that are relevant and tell you whether they are good keywords to use or not. You can go on their site and download a free pdf file called keyword-basics.pdf which you may find very interesting. I certainly found it helped in my research of this article. You can also download Wordtracker for a free 7 day trial to see if you find it useful or not.

I have to say I have found these last two articles difficult to write, mainly because I am not really clever at finding the right keywords and using them in my blog posts.But having done the research for both articles I do think that I must focus on this area and especially if I am promoting products as an affiliate marketer I must get better at both finding and using the ‘right’ keywords. If you want to see another video on Google Keyword Tool and Keyword Insights than click here

This hopefully completes my study on keywords the next blog post will be on ‘how to choose and purchase your domain name and how to host it’.

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I was born in Zambia,educated in Cape Town, South Africa and emigrated to the United Kingdom in 1970. I came to marry my husband, whom I had met in Cape Town, we have been married for over 40 years and have 3 children and 2 grandchildren of whom we are very proud.
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