How to Register Domain Names and Get the Domain Hosted

If you read my previous post about the importance of Domain names, you will know that a domain name is your web address, and without domain names you would be known by a series of numbers, and how disastrous that would be.

To get a domain name you need to go to a Domain Register, I generally use or  I’ll use Namecheap as an example because I use it for registering all my domains and am used to dealing with it, but I think you will find GoDaddy and the other Domain Registers are much the same.

First thing you will want to sign up for an account.  This is free, its just that it keeps all your purchases in your account.  It is important for when you want to point your domain name to your hosting site.

At Namecheap once you have signed up and logged in, go to the bar where it says ‘enter Domain to search’, and once you have done that Namecheap will search and see if that domain name is available.  If it isn’t it will give you a list of domain names that are similar to the one you wanted, or if nothing is available, then you will have to find something else that will be similar to what you wanted.

As I said in the previous post, .com is the TLD you are aiming for, as that is the one most people type into Google when they are searching for you. But .net, .org, .info, .cm are also acceptable if .com isn’t available.

Once the name is accepted a price will come up and you will find the onscreen directions to go to the pay screen, where again you will follow their directions.

I have included a link to a You-tube video showing you how to register a domain name, to go to the video click on the link here.

Now you are the possessor of a domain name and you will want to get hosting for it.  Hosting means the place where all the files are kept so that your website can be seen on the Internet.  I use Hostgator, and for the purposes of this blog post when I refer to your host, I will be talking mainly of Hostgator.  I like this hosting company very much.  Mainly because they are very reasonably priced, you can buy their ‘baby plan’ where you can have as many different domains as you want for the price of $9.95 a month, which is very reasonable indeed.  Not only that they have a very good 24 hours a day 365 days a year live chat with their technical advisors, and I must say they have talked me through all my technical hiccups, and been very patient with me when I didn’t understand what was required.

Then they also have one great ace, and that is if you are wanting to use WordPress as your blog  publishing platform, you can press a button for an easy wordpress install, and hey presto it is done for you.  It is even easier than going to their fantastico icon and installing WordPress from there.  I have tried to install WordPress by FTP ( File Transfer Protocol) which did the install alright, but then I got into difficulties when I had to do something to the admin file and the MYSqyl database – and forgive me but I still don’t know how to do it.  But when I press the button ‘wordpress easy install’, everything is done.

Once you have registered with Hostgator, you need to point your domain name from Namecheap to Hostgator.  To do this you need to go back to Namecheap, sign in, and go to Your Account, look for the item that says Pointing Your Domain Name.  When you receive your welcome letter from Hostgator it will give you two numbers – (by the way these are made up numbers not actual – every account is different). These are the numbers you give Namecheap – they are giving your actual Hostgator account number and will send your domain name from Namecheap to Hostgator for you.  It will also be sent to Google so it can index your website, although it may take a little time for your website to be registered.

Here is another You-tube video link showing you how to sign up to Hostgator for a hosting account and how to point your domain name from Namecheap to Hostgator.  To access the video click here
The next link I am giving you will take you to Hostgator’s tutorial video page where you can access a video on whatever problem or difficulty you are having.  they are very comprehensive.  To access this link click here.
The next blog I will be writing on ‘how to promote other peoples products as an affiliate marketer’.   I have been reading about Marlon Sanders ‘Traffic Dashboard’, in this course he has every aspect of affiliate marketing and it is put in an incredibly easy simple way.  If this interests you than click on the link here. Look at it anyway, because just looking at the Dashboard gives you some of the steps needed to become an Affiliate Marketer.

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The Importance of Choosing the Right Domain Name for Your Website.

Your domain name should be your website name, that sounds such an obvious statement to make, but incredibly some websites have different URL’s to their domain names. URL means Uniform Resource Locator, it is the part of your web address. But it is important, when people are searching for your website on the Internet they will naturally search for your domain name.

If your domain name is the same as your URL they will get there easily. It also pays to have a domain name that describes what your website or business is all about.

One of the most important things you can do is choosing the right domain for your website. You see, you can have great content, terrific products for people to purchase, funny or entertaining blogs to be read, but if people cannot find you on the internet, it is all a waste of time and money. Choosing the right domain name isn’t easy and needs much thought and research.

Choosing the right domain also depends on the type of website you are building. Is it an authoritative site? Or is it a site where you are promoting products, or promoting other peoples products as an affiliate. Does the name contain your keyword that best describes your niche? Keyword orientated domain names do the best in search engine research. However if you are well known and your website is an authoritative one, than using your own name will be great.

What about long versus short domain names. It is obvious, if you can get a short domain name that describes your site well, and, than go for it, but if not don’t try and abbreviate the name by using the first letter of each word of a long keyword, rather use the long keyword in full.  It is easier to remember ‘ than Of course there is the problem of making a typing mistake when typing in a long domain name.

People also try and avoid using the letters that are difficult to type, in their domain names, they stay clear of the letters p,z,q,w,x etc, personally I think if you have found a domain name that you like and it describes what you are doing, promoting etc, than that is more important than worrying about difficult letters to type.

Hyphens are also risky to use, especially if someone gives a website name orally, they won’t necessarily say the domain using the hyphens. If ‘ was hyphenated and someone told you that they had visited this site, ‘how to grow your own veggies,’ and you put it into the search engine without the hyphens, you will probably find another site of a similar name rather than the one you are looking for. This principle also applies to having numbers or funny spelling in your domain name.

But what happens if you cannot get the domain name you want, especially if you want to have .com as the TLD (Top Level Domain). And .com is important, in fact very important as most people remember .com as opposed to .info and .net.If you can’t find the domain you are looking forward, then try adding the, or my, or how to, in front of the domain name. There are also short adjectives like ‘the most, or best, or tips etc, that can be added and give you the name you want. Make sure that if you do this when you advertise your site that you put in the whole domain name, with the extra added on, otherwise people could be going to the competition instead.

When you come to register a name and the name has been taken, very often the registrar will suggest a good alternative for you. They will give different derivatives of the name you wanted, and if you must then .net, or .info, or .biz, of even will suffice. Search engines are very good at spotting keywords, long tailed or short, in the domain names.

Another thing to think about is registering the domain name with a different company to the hosting company as then you will have freedom to transfer your website to a different host if you find your original host unsatisfactory.That completes this blog on choosing your domain name, I was going to discuss how to register your domain name and host it, but have decided I will do that in another blog as this one is long enough. I do hope that this blog will point you in the right direction when choosing your domain name as it is an area that I have struggled with and sadly I didn’t do any research on doing it, but just picked a domain name and now I know better I am giving myself a mental kick.

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The Importance of Long Tail Keywords, Search Engines and Keyword Tools

Please read my previous post on the Importance of Keywords to know how important using the right keywords are if you are wanting people to visit your site.Today the buzz word out is ‘long tail keywords’ or phrases that are not the generic words people are typing into Google, but are both relevant or similar and the competition isn’t so great. If ‘dog training’ is the generic keyword people are using, then a relevant phrase or long tail keyword can be ‘how to train your dog properly’,

There are two arguments, to use them or not. I think it depends on the type of website you are building.Is it a website that you are simply building to promote or sell products, do a product review, or is it a website where you are giving information (known as an authoritative website) or simply writing articles and blogs on whatever.

It is daunting to know that 20% of all Google searches are unique – that is, the question asked has never been asked before. It is also daunting to know that 60% of searches are for information only and are not from people looking to purchase products.

Some websites don’t really work well with trying to weave a lot of keywords, long tail or generic, into the content, it upsets the flow. Actually the search engines don’t really like that either, so it is back to the basic question , what keyword must I use to have people coming to my site, and importantly if I am selling products what keywords will help people want to buy from me.The answer should really be, start with the question you think people must ask to find your site, and then find a good keyword, long tail preferably, that is related.

Understanding how search engines work also helps you to decide on how important this is. Search engines use software – called spiders – that gather information from your content – they are looking for keywords and links. They take no notice of images, so if you are using images make sure they have descriptions or they will be ignored. The spider loves keywords, URL’s, and links and backlinks – they even like links going to your site from social media sites like Twitter of Facebook, Digg and Linkedin.

There is also something called an algorithm, and annoyingly these algorithm’s are changed from time to time and can make a site that was highly ranked, lose its rankings. It’s a mathematical formula that indexes words, pairs of words and links for word combinations to figure out what the page is all about. What it also is trying to find are pages that have been duplicated – the search engines do not like duplicated content. This software is really an index software and it records and stores all this information and makes it available when someone makes a search.

When you type in a question into the search box the search engines ‘query software’ goes into action to try and match your words with the best, most relevant web pages it can find in the records that have been created by its own index software. Those records are made by the text, links and URL material the spider software collects. That is the reason why keywords, links and URL’s are so important.

To help you make the right choice of keywords there are many keyword tools for you use.Google Keyword Tool is very good, and it is free, in the last post I included a short quick video by Tom Parker to give you an idea of how to use the tool. If you want to watch a short video on how to use Google Keyword Tool than click here There is also Wordtracker which you have to buy, but Wordtracker will help you find words that are relevant and tell you whether they are good keywords to use or not. You can go on their site and download a free pdf file called keyword-basics.pdf which you may find very interesting. I certainly found it helped in my research of this article. You can also download Wordtracker for a free 7 day trial to see if you find it useful or not.

I have to say I have found these last two articles difficult to write, mainly because I am not really clever at finding the right keywords and using them in my blog posts.But having done the research for both articles I do think that I must focus on this area and especially if I am promoting products as an affiliate marketer I must get better at both finding and using the ‘right’ keywords. If you want to see another video on Google Keyword Tool and Keyword Insights than click here

This hopefully completes my study on keywords the next blog post will be on ‘how to choose and purchase your domain name and how to host it’.

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Importance of Keywords

What are Keywords? They are words that help people searching the internet for information, find what they are looking for and they also help marketers connect their website to potential customers.

Google, and the other search engines use keywords to index the content of a website.The search engines collect data about the site and the keywords help them to index the site, and that is how the search engines are able to take you to the pages you are looking for, by the keywords used in the content of the website.

By making the right choice of keywords you make it easier for customers or people searching those keywords to find your website. If you do the necessary research on the possible keywords people are typing in Google or the other search engines, it will help you discover what is a profitable niche and what isn’t.

When you are planning a website, you must decide on what subject or niche you are going to promote. Once you have done that, and decided on the products you are going to promote, then you must ask yourself the question “if anyone is going to find my website what is the question they must ask Google”, or the other search engines, to enable them to find the site. Also decide on the other relevant keywords people would use to find what you are promoting.

Than you must research these keywords and decide if they are too popular or not. The more frequently a keyword is used, the higher the competition is, to get ranked in Google and the other search engines. It is a balance between the keywords being too popular or no-one searching for those keywords.

If you want to become an Affiliate Marketer, you will find keywords are extremely important, and for many reasons. Affiliate marketers are promoting other peoples products, so will use keywords to draw the necessary traffic to their site in order to sell whatever product they are promoting. Generally Affiliate Marketers also use Pay Per Click advertisements, articles, emails, blogs, tags and other methods to draw web traffic and keywords pay an equally important part in all that.

When someone types words into the search box of Google or other search engines, the search engine uses the words typed as the most important factor in determining which pages or websites will be displayed and what order.

For instance if you type the words ‘cat food’ into the Google search box bar, Google will bring up pages that relate to cat food, and not rabbit food, dog training, or even cat litter. It might also give you pages that are related to the keyword used, like pet food, or food for cats. It is going to give you results that are relevant to the keywords you typed into the search bar.

If you are promoting products in a particular niche it is very helpful if you can embed the keyword you are using in the URL or website address, as well as in the content of the site.  For instance, if it is available, a good URL to promote cat food could read, or

Remember that the higher the rank the more people will find your site. You are aiming for page one in Google as most people making a search will give up at page four. I am quoting Google because I have found now that Google is without doubt the biggest and most powerful search engine of all the search engines.

Keywords have become so important to an affiliate marketer that many tools have been developed to help the marketer make the right decisions in getting the best keywords for the niche they are promoting. Some of these tools are free, like Google Keywords Tool, which is an excellent tool, and some you have to purchase, like Wordtracker. They are all of a similar ilk, and if you are a newbie I suggest you stick with Googles Keyword Tool as it is excellent and it is free.

You will need to sign up to a Googles Adwords Account or a Gmail account to fully access the Google Keywords Tool, but again those are free, and as you will get a deeper search into the keywords you are wanting to use in your website, it makes the effort of signing up worthwhile.

When I first thought about this blog post I was going to add ‘ and how to use the Google Keyword Tool”, but soon realized that the importance of keywords is actually a very big subject and so I will do a further blog post on Google Keywords Tool and how to use it.

Below find a link that lead you to a very quick You-tube video by Tom Parker on how to use the Google Keyword Tool. Next blog post will be going deeper into Keywords and how to use the keyword tool to drill down into keywords where the competition isn’t so great, which will help you get your website more highly ranked in Google and I will also include further You-tube videos which will clarify this subject for you.Google Keyword Tool Quick and Easy Tutorial by Tom Parker

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To Write Your Own Content, Outsource it, or do Both??

Writing any article, can be seen as a step too far for any newbie who is starting out on Internet Marketing. But most newbies are trying their hand at internet marketing because they want to earn extra money or need to earn extra money and Internet Marketing seems a reasonable way of putting spare time to use.

So whether they like it or not they need to get to grips with the art of writing. Fortunately it isn’t necessary that you have to be a great writer, you just need to be able to communicate the ideas simply and easily. Unfortunately it is easy to look at a blank screen and not know what to write, so picking your subject or niche is very important. Try and pick a subject or niche that you are knowledgeable on or passionate about.If you are wanting to promote other peoples products remember the niche needs to be a subject where people are going to want to spend money and not just a place where they want to learn something or are interested in.

The next tip is to list the steps you are wanting to write about. I was advised to make a plan of all the steps wanted to cover in a particular subject and then for every step there may be more steps. Each step you write as an article or blog. So you program yourself to write a series of articles or blogs about each nuance or step in your niche.

When I first started I tried to put everything into one article and that didn’t work out at all, because to keep the article a reasonable length, every point was dealt with in a very broad manner and consequently many valid points were missed. I have found making a plan very helpful and helps me to keep the articles or blogs to a reasonable length.

Do your research and read many blogs on the subject you are writing about. Think about what is being said, and than write your own article. You will find by reading other peoples thoughts on the given subject, will trigger your own thoughts and give you ideas and hopefully you won’t find writing nearly as difficult as you once thought it was. The trick is to read many articles on the subject so you will know many different points of view.

But if writing is a complete anathema to you, or time is a problem and you are too busy to do the reading, researching and writing yourself, than there are websites where you can go and get someone else to write the article for you. It is called outsourcing, and some professional website owners find that that is the best solution if they are too busy and can’t find the time. Outsourcing needn’t be too expensive, there are many agencies where you can put out a request and ask people to tender for the article you are wanting written. I was invited to tender for just such a website, but found the amount paid not really enough, because time is our one valuable commodity that can never be replaced.  However if I found that I really needed extra cash, then I will give it a try.

Some people do both, write some of their articles themselves and then tender for the articles that they haven’t time to write themselves or find the subject matter not interesting enough. It really depends if you are pleased with someone else’s efforts on your behalf. If you are very fussy, maybe it would be better if you made the time and did it yourself. But I have read that it needn’t detract from your website but can actually enhance it, if you get someone who is used to writing and does a good job.

By the way if you don’t know where to go to outsource then try or Elance of simply ask Google. There are many agencies out there and I believe they do a great job.

Well, that completes my thoughts on the subject of writing your own content or outsourcing it. At the end of the day if you hate writing and can afford to outsource it, then outsource it, or maybe outsource the articles you just don’t want to write. Next blog will be on Keywords and how to use Google Keyword Tool.

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How to Choose your Niche and Research Content

To be successful as an Internet Marketer or offline business, choosing the right niche is very important. It goes hand in hand, like the right partner is 90% of what makes a good marriage, the right niche is equally what makes a successful business.

There are two main things to look at when you are choosing the niche you are going to promote.

It really helps if you are passionate about the niche and have expert knowledge but it isn’t essential. It helps because you are more likely to stick with it during the tough times, and if you bring what expertise you have that gives it that degree of originality.

However there are two sides to the choosing the ‘right niche’ coin. Some markets people are interested in for knowledge or interest or entertainment, but its isn’t something they will necessarily spend money. Sadly that means there isn’t money to be made out of it.

However a niche where people are avidly looking for answers to their problems is a niche that will bring hungry buyers to your site, and if you can give them answers to their problems they may well purchase whatever you are selling or promoting.

One of the most popular niches is of course the Health and Fitness niche. People the world over are looking for help to either correct the overweight problem or other health issues. However a very popular niche like Health and Fitness, or How to Lose Weight Fast, are difficult to dominate because so many people are promoting products in these markets. The broader the niche the more difficult and tougher is the competition and the harder it will be to become an expert in these fields.

These very popular niches are extremely difficult to dominate, because there are so many products out there and as a result there are too many pages in Google and the chances of being ranked on one of the first 4 pages in Google under your keyword of say, ‘how to lose weight fast’ is almost impossible. If you aren’t making the top 4 pages of Google, your website isn’t likely to be found, and if no one visits your website how can you sell or promote any products.To actually decide on a niche it is helpful to see if there are many books, magazines and articles written on the subject.This helps you know whether people are wanting to spend money, and of course in the magazines do you find many adverts there, and do they give you the answer to what people are wanting to know? These are all factors that need to be taken in consideration in making the right decision.

Also can you solve the problem that people are asking in the particular niche you promoting.It is important that you use integrity when making these decisions, because to go into a niche that has health aspects to it, without having specialist knowledge isn’t ethical.

The other great help is to use the Google Keyword tool to help you narrow the market to a more specialist aspect of the niche. The Google Keyword Tool is free, all you need is a Google account and if you already have a Google email account that counts as well.

Later on in this series I will write a blog especially on how to use the Google Keyword Tool and what you should be looking for when you decide on the keyword you will be using.When you know what your niche is than go to Google and research it for content. Go to many websites or articles – this is where the ezines come in so handy or even blogs. You will get a broad picture of what information is out there in your niche and whilst you mustn’t copy you can extract information and put it in your own words. You add what you know of the subject, if you have specialist information, and this all helps you to have good content on your website which the search engines love, especially if you weave the keywords into the product.

That ends this blog on how to pick your niche and research your content.  Next blog will be on how to write your content and how to outsource and get some on else to write it for you.

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Discuss the Differences between Emails, Blog Posts, Articles, Videos, eBooks and Audios.

The purpose of this blog is to discuss the different products mentioned above that we are going to produce in time. A blog is a short term for web log and consists of regular short articles on whatever subject is being discussed. What we are reading is considered a blog.

Generally the language is more casual and or conversational. They can contain tips, general information in whatever niche or subject you are writing about. Blog posts are a fairly new phenomenon, and only came about since the advent of the internet. They often invite comments and enter into interaction with whoever has commented on the blog post.

But there isn’t a great deal of difference between a blog post or an article, basically they are both giving information. A blog can often be written in the first person, and may give the writers opinion, in contrast to an article which should be factual, using more formal language.

Articles of course have been around ever since the first newspaper was written. Their main function is to convey or give information, to report news or give facts. They can be helpful, especially if the article is written on the lines of ‘how’ to do whatever you are looking for.

Most articles don’t include comments from the reader, mainly because there is usually no reason to comment on what is factual. There are very many places where you can have your article published, often called ezines because they are cyber magazines. Ezine Article Directory is the best known of the ezines, but if you go to Google you can search for other ezines or article sites. You can use a website like to publish your blog or you can have your own website and publish your own blogs on it.

Of course nowadays blogs often contain video or audio, they can be short or long and generally there are more possibilities that come with writing blogs in comparison with what you can do with an article. Articles should be more than 300 words in length, in fact the article directories like an article to be at least 500 words long. Bloggers can invite guest bloggers to put posts on their website, and that helps the website to become content rich, that also helps bloggers to have a wider social network than article writers.

Videos are becoming very popular these days. You only have to look at the phenomenon of You-tube and how that has escalated in popularity in a very short time. More and more emails are being written as video instead of sales letters as they used to be written.

Audio is the same as video without the visual. I’m not too keen on audio files mainly because I am a dreadful listener, my mind wanders and often miss things. But many people prefer audio, mainly I think because they can copy them to CD disc and listen to them in the car, or copy to their iPod and listen to the file when they are away from their computer.

Today the eBook is growing in popularity. It is usually a short informative book on whatever subject and it is saved in what is called a .pdf file, which means the file is portable and can go between the different platforms of computers i.e. PC or Mac or Linux. P.d.f is an acronym for Portable Document File and you need an Adobe reader to translate it for you. This is a free download, and actually most computers have adobe readers when you buy them.

If you write many articles about the same subject, and they are progressive articles, you can use the articles to make an eBook, and because there are no print costs, or transportation costs the only cost to you is time. If you are very knowledgeable about your subject and you are writing something that people want to buy, this is a great way of making money on the Internet. You can go to Clickbank and ask them to advertise it for you, you can have affiliates promoting the book for you, of course you will pay the affiliates, but this is a very good way of earning money.

I did forget to mention email, most people use them to send letters or such like to their friends but there is a very big way they are used on the Internet and that is advertising theirs or someone elses products. Email Marketing is very big business, but later on I will discuss in depth the why’s and the wherefores of using an Autoresponder and then I will go into depth about email marketing. For now it is enough that you know that writing emails is another way you can get information out- similar to an article or even a blog – and email marketing can be a very effective way to earn money from home, using your computer.

That brings us to the end of our discussion on the differences of the many products we will be learning about.I hope that it answers your questions. Next blog post will be on how to research content and choose content ideas. Remember content is king!

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The Importance of Content – Content is King

Content is simply anything you write in a blog, article, website, video, eBook, or audio.When I refer to products, that can mean any of the above or all of them – a product is something you have produced.

If you want a website to be highly ranked in Google and the other search engines it must be ‘content rich’, to do so. The content is very important, and quite frankly if you want people to visit your website, interact with your blog, listen to the audio or video, or read your eBook you must be prepared to give them something they want to read, watch or listen to.

People soon switch off if the content is boring or mundane.Therein lies the difficulty as not everyone can write scintillating content. But if you combine the knowledge you find in your research with your own impressions and you write it from the heart, that helps to make the content more interesting.

Content is knowledge of some kind that you are trying to impart to whoever is reading what ever you are writing. Your product needs to be well researched, and the Internet is the greatest library right at your fingertips. So if you don’t know what to write about go to Google and search for the information. It is wonderful what is online, but again you do need to be careful and need to read several articles as everyone has their own ideas and opinions. Make sure if you are writing on subjects that people are searching for an answer, that your content has integrity, and that you are actually giving a solution or advice to the problem that is being searched.

Make sure your content is original, that is very important. You mustn’t contravene copywriter laws, and anyway it isn’t profitable as the search engine ‘spiders’ soon can tell whether you are duplicating content. Write it in such a way that it is fresh and brings something of your own ideas to it. It is best also if you are writing on the same subject an article and a blog and your own website that the products aren’t duplicated unless there is technical jargon that can only be expressed one way.

As tough as it is to write the products, write each one from a slightly different angle.The content should contain keywords so that the search engines can rank the product – especially if you are writing content for your website. However it is sometimes very difficult to include many keywords into the product and still keep the writing flowing in a natural way. It can actually make the product very stilted and difficult to read. Some people actually seem to make a list of the keywords that are being searched for in the subject you are dealing with, and write that product around the keywords.

If you find you are losing the sense of the product because of the difficulty to weave the keywords into the product than go rather for the quality of the article than concentrating on being keyword rich.

In a later article I will deal with keywords and how you can research the ones that are most profitable and what to do with them.That closes my blog on the importance of content, my next blog will discuss the differences between blogs, articles, websites, videos, audios and eBooks and in further blogs how to do produce each type of product easily.

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Introduction to Info Marketing Blog

The purpose of this newsletter is to write a series of articles on all the different aspects of ‘how to earn money online’. Info marketing is all about giving people the information they are looking for. It can be in any niche, and it can take the form of blog posts, articles, emails, videos, audios, ebooks and other products.

No one article can possibly cover all you need to know on how to earn money online, that is why I intend to send out about 100 articles and blogs covering every aspect of the subject and I will also point you to various courses that will teach you in greater depth on the subject under discussion, which you can purchase or not. But my articles are completely free and are to be used as you want.

I have picked on the niche ‘how to earn money online’ mainly because so many people are trying their hand at doing it, possibly to top up their income, or even to give up their job and go full time online.

Earning money online is booming, even in spite of the credit crunch causing people to become very careful how they spend their money.The media is full of news on how the European Economy is shaking almost to the point of collapsing and the economy in the United Kingdom is also shaking as a result. The powers that be, have released more Quantitive Easing and our pound is just about worthless. The USA’s economy has been in dire straits for some time, but to be honest apart from all the wars being fought, which we the tax payer have to pick up the bill, we are also responsible in part because of overspending on our credit cards.

That said, internet marketing is still a good place to earn money, and maybe even be able to give up the day job. There is an explosion of products on ‘how to’ in whatever niche you are interested in. You do need to check out the products to see if you want to promote them, most are very good, but sadly you do get some who are advocating untold riches at the click of a mouse button. I don’t touch those, because it just isn’t true. Sadly they come with very professionally directed videos, probably using actors, and wonderful stage props like Mansions, exotic beach locations, fast cars and bikini girls. The sales copy can also be very beguiling. You have to learn to discern the true from the false.

You need to do your research on all the products you are promoting, and the internet is the most incredible library where you will find all the information you are needing. Sadly it is full of irrelevant information and sometimes it is hard to know what the truth really is.

Don’t take one persons opinion, but find other people who back up what is being said. There is so much information out there it is very easy to quickly become overwhelmed. However, usually there are reviews on Google over the product you are interested in, and this helps me make my mind up, and should help you do the same.

Well that completes my introduction to Info Marketing, my next blog will discuss what is info marketing and will define what content is and how you go about getting content for your blog or article.

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