How to Create a Squeeze Page in WordPress

In my last blog post Discussing the Importance and Differences Between Landing Pages, Squeeze pages and Opt-in Pages, I said at the end that I was not able at that moment in time to do a dedicated squeeze/landing page in WordPress without changing the theme totally.

The only way I could do use this was to approach Hostgator, who hosts my website, and ask if I could have a sub-domain, and they told me that was fine. So in the subdomain I uploaded the landingpage/squeeze page and that carries its own URL and I can link to that URL from this blog post. I called the sub-domain – it only contains the first of my squeeze pages. If you are wanting to do the same, than I recommend that you contact whoever hosts your site, and hopefully they will be as kind to you as Hostgator was to me, and set up the sub-domain as a wordpress site for you. I am not saying it was technically beyond me, but I was very grateful when they did it for me.

There is a website where you can download a free wordpress template for landing pages and alter it so you can use it to make a squeeze page, the only trouble was when you uploaded it to your blogging site, it totally changed every page in your blog to look like the squeeze page. A squeeze page wants to be totally without distraction, no fancy header, no comment boxes and no social media buttons. That is why I had a dedicated subdomain created to house the landing pages. If you go to you will be able to download, for a limited time, a free wordpress-landingpage template, which will convert easily into a squeeze page.

So this is a short blog post, its main function is to see if any of you will complete the optin form that comes with the squeeze page. I am offering a FREE GIFT – called BLOGGING FOR CASH, and if you fill in the form Aweber will send you a confirmation email, that is to stop you from saying I am sending you SPAM. Please check both your SPAM box and your inbox. Please click on the confirmation email and the gift BLOGGING FOR CASH will be sent to you. If you want to receive the free gift than click here.


This is a trial run, to see if this works in WordPress. If one has an html website, than each page can be different, but WordPress is really a blogging platform, so you either have to have a dedicated site for all your affiliate offers if you are wanting to be an affiliate/internet marketer. That is the purpose of this site, to inform you how to become an Internet Marketer or Affiliate Marketer. The squeeze/landing page is crucial to the whole operation.In my previous blog post I wrote that ideally a squeeze page should Have a Good Headline, and then about 5 bullet points, in alternate colours, or if you can’t do that, make one point BOLD and the other in ordinary type, to make the points stand out.Then comes the opt-in form, you must go to your autoresponder for the html code, but the video that comes with the template shows you how to do that. It should all fit in above the fold – or you should see it in completion instead of having to scroll down the screen. Now I am having to eat my words, as I couldn’t get my first effort to do just that.

I don’t know why but somehow the titles kept the size they are now, I just couldn’t really control it, and sadly the optin form is just off the page – so if you want the gift you will have to scroll down. I will have to have a play around with this and see if there is another way to do it. Perhaps when I was doing it I did something not quite right and it just didn’t want to correct itself. Even trying to do an html page in Kompozer didn’t work out too well, when I came to copy it into WordPress it all went a little haywire. So for this time I thought this will have to do.

Well that completes my blog-post on building a squeeze page in WordPress, the next blog-post will be on how to build your own website using the WordPress Platform

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I was born in Zambia,educated in Cape Town, South Africa and emigrated to the United Kingdom in 1970. I came to marry my husband, whom I had met in Cape Town, we have been married for over 40 years and have 3 children and 2 grandchildren of whom we are very proud.
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