How to Build a Webpage using WordPress

There are many ways to build you own website, and it really depends on what kind of a website you are wanting to build.  If you are a business and your website is a showcase for your business, it would probably be more profitable in the long run to hire a web designer and get it done professionally.

My first website I built, from scratch, knowing absolutely nothing about website design or construction.  I used Kompozer as a Text Editor, it is a free download if you are using Mozilla Firefox as your browser.  I believe Internet Explorer uses NVU as their Text Editor.  When you use a Text Editor, you can use it in the same sort of way as you use a word processor, do everything in a visual kind of way, but the Text Editor translates it into html, which is the language of the web.

I did find this quite productive, and not too difficult to use, thanks to free video tutorials on you-tube which helped me with all the practical issues, and because they are ‘look over the shoulder; type of videos, I didn’t find it too difficult to do.  However I really didn’t understand Search Engine Optimization, so the net result is very few people visited my website.   Yes, I wrote blogs and articles and did Twitter etc, but there wasn’t much response.

You will need FTP software to transport your files to your webhost.  Again there are free FTP software available.  If you are using a PC than FileZilla is the popular one to use, again it is free, and again you can find tutorials on how to use it on the Web or You-tube.  If you use an Apple Mac, than FileZilla is not an option, unless you have a very new machine, with the latest Operating System.  I have an older machine, but had an upgrade done on it last year, and yet I wasn’t able to use File Zilla, although the Operating System was in its specifications.  I was advised to use Cyberduck, another free download, and I found it more than adequate for my needs.  The beauty of WordPress is that you don’t really need any of this, your site is on the web and you can work on it whilst it is up and running.

I was then advised to build a WordPress website, and I have found it a very different platform.  It comes with an amazing amount of plugins that you can choose to use with your website. Plugins are small bits of software that you can in some cases download from WordPress Site for free, in some cases you can purchase them, but then you upload them to your site and they make a WordPress site a powerful platform.

Of course you must decide what niche you are going to go into.  This is very important, because if you are going to have a website that is purely for promoting other peoples products, it will have a different look to the normal WordPress website. Don’t forget you need a domain name before you can start to build a website. If you purchase the domain name from a different source to your webhost, than it must be pointed to your webhost.  I explained how that was done in my blog post on Domain Names.

Before I start writing on how to build a WordPress website, I must explain the differences between and is a dedicated blogging site, you don’t need a domain name, or a webhost, it is purely for blogging, it is a great way to get started for free.  However your name and wordpress is what is shown in the address bar, so you can’t get your brand name across. is an open source blogging platform.  Open source just means that top web programmers around the world are working together to give you WordPress blogging platform, to keep it up to date, without costing you anything.  You can download WordPress to your computer, and then use FTP to send it to your webhost, but it is much simpler just to go to your webhost, if you are using Hostgator or a webhost of a similar ilk, and install it directly from them to your cPanel.

I am not going to go into a lengthy instruction on how to download the program from WordPress and how to install it.  I have to be honest, I found the install instructions fairly complicated and in the end I simply asked my webhost support team to do it for me.  I use Hostgator as I have found them extremely helpful and they have an amazing live chat support team who have always sorted out my problems.  They also have a ‘quick install WordPress’ button and if you use that, it gets rid of most of the technical problems of installing this onto your website.  But I have found the live chat support team even willing to do a complete install for me.

Hostgator is a great web host and for $9.95 a month you can have a ‘baby share’ hosting scheme and you can have as many domain names hosted for that one amount.  This is very useful if you are having a different domain for every product and niche you are promoting. If you are going to be an affiliate marketer, or even promote your own products and be an Internet Marketer than it is advisable to have a dedicated domain name and website for each of the niches you are promoting.  Some people have three or four products of a similar ilk that they are promoting on one website, but they are all in the same niche.

The beauty about WordPress is that you work on it alive.  By that I mean you don’t have to take it down to work on it on your computer, and then FTP it back to your Webhost.  When you want to use the dashboard, you tack on wp-admin/ on to the end of your website URL and that leads you to the admin page which is password enabled, using  the password your webhost gave you.  When your site is first up the first post reads “Hello World . . . .” and the header is preselected by WordPress.  They have eight headers that they keep changing around until you select the one you want to represent your website. Once you are ready to publish your first post, then delete the “Hello World”, and anything that relates to it.

I have included a full You-tube tutorial series for your benefit – it is on WordPress 3, and that is great as each of the WordPress versions are a little different.  Below is a list of these tutorials in order. WordPress 3 is the latest version.

If you want to watch the 1st You-tube video on Introduction to Dashboard using WordPress 3 than click the link coloured in yellow.

For the 2nd WordPress 3 You-tube video on Anatomy of a Blog Post than click the link coloured in yellow

For the 3rd WordPress 3 You-tube video on Formattings Options on Posts than click the link coloured in yellow.

For the 4th WordPress 3 You-tube video on Inserting Image in Post of Page than click the link coloured in yellow.

For the 5th WordPress 3 You-tube video on Embedding You-tube Video than click the link coloured in yellow.

For the 6th WordPress 3 You-tube video on Creating an Optimized Blog Post than click the link coloured in yellow.

For the 7th WordPress 3 You-tube video on Creating WordPress Pages than click the link coloured in yellow.

For the 8th WordPress 3 You-tube video on Custom Menus than click the link coloured in yellow.

For the 9th WordPress 3 You-tube video on The Anatomy of a WordPress Site thanclick the link coloured in yellow.

For the 10th WordPress 3 You-tube video on Introduction to Themes than click the link coloured in yellow.

For the 11th WordPress 3 You-tube video on Choosing WordPress Themes than click the link coloured in yellow.

For the 12th WordPress 3 You-tube video on Populating your Sidebar with Widgets than click the link coloured in yellow.

For the 13th WordPress 3 You-tube video on Creating Widgets and Badges for website than click the link coloured in yellow.

For the 14th WordPress 3 You-tube video on Introduction to WordPress plugins than click the link coloured in yellow.

I hope these You-tube videos help you in building your website, no video is longer than ten minutes, and the beauty is the titles tell you what to expect.  I have listed them so that you will find it easier to go to the video you are needing to use.

This completes my blog post on building a website, especially a WordPress website.  I hope the you-tube videos help you get started and also remember that a blogging website is different to a marketing website.  Also remember that before you are indexed in Google you need to type the full URL into the search bar where Google’s URL is and that should bring you to your site. My next blog post I will discuss affiliate products and using a WordPress site to promote affiliate products.


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