Discussing the Importance and the Differences Between Landing Pages, Squeeze Pages and Opt-in Pages

When a person clicks on a link, on an ad, or asks a question in a search engine a landing page is the first page he comes to. Obviously it is a very important page, because if the visitor doesn’t appreciate the look of the page, or it doesn’t answer the question he is looking for, it is nothing for him to click off the page, and if you are into Internet Marketing you have lost a potential customer. You are not only wanting your visitor to ‘land’ but you are wanting him to stay and maybe purchase what you have to offer. A landing page can be the same as a home page, but it is better have a separate landing page and home page. It should be keyword rich for greater SEO optimisation and should display all the products and services that is being offered.

A landing page will most likely have an opt-in form on the actual page, which will encourage the visitor to give his name and address in exchange for receiving your newsletters. This will help you build an email list so that you can email your offers and bonuses and so forth. It is the aim of all potential Internet Marketers to ‘build a list,’ as it is said the ‘money is in the list.’ It is here that you build up a relationship with your potential customers, in the hope that they will come to know and trust you and therefore you will be able to sell or promote whatever you are selling or promoting.

A landing page should give your customers an idea of what you are offering, it should answer the question that your prospect asked, or be relevant to the ad that was clicked on. Landing pages are often linked to from social media and email campaigns to enhance the effectiveness of the advertisements, but its main purpose is to convert the visitors into sales leads.

A squeeze page or sometimes called an opt-in page is very similar to a landing page, inasmuch the purpose is the same, to encourage your visitors to give their names and email addresses in exchange for the gift, bonus or offer you are giving, but it is much shorter. For Internet Marketers, and Affiliate Marketers landing pages and squeeze pages are very important, get them right and you will be successful, the reverse sadly is also true.

A squeeze page (I hate that name, but it means trying to squeeze your customers to leave their name and email address) should be much shorter than a landing page. Realistically it wants attention grabbing headlines that describes your main benefit. e.g. You’re about to learn or receive or get or discover how to do whatever the question. The header wants to be big and bold and if you are able to make it in a bright red colour.

Then you want about 5 bullet points. The bullet points should give 5 points about why getting this offer/gift will answer your question.  It is helpful if you make the bullet points in alternate colours of say red and black, or bold and then ordinary. It just makes the points stand out and easier to read.

If you want to watch a video on Squeeze Pages then click here

Ideally it should be above the fold, in other words the entire squeeze page is seen when it is clicked on, so that the prospect doesn’t have to scroll down, and that means the opt-in form as well. People are impatient these days, actually mostly people’s time is valuable and mostly people don’t have a great deal of it, so they want to see the benefit quickly.

However squeeze pages are evolving, and short videos are being hailed as one of the most successful forms of squeeze pages. People seem to like them, and if the opt-in form is alongside the video, then the squeeze page is most effective and will convert better, meaning more people will fill in the opt-in form and your list will grow.

Sometimes the squeeze page is called an opt-in page, they are one and the same. So whether you are writing a landing page, or a squeeze page the purpose is still the same, to get a prospect or customer or visitor to fill in the opt-in form on the page so you can email them your offers or free gifts.

The opt-in form, whether on a squeeze page or landing page, is linked to an autoresponder. That is a company where you can register the product or campaign you are promoting or selling and if someone fills in your optin form for that product, the autoresponder will send them a confirmation email – this is to make sure it is that person who signed and not someone using that person’s email address that has filled in the op-in form, so you won’t be accused of spam. Once the prospect has clicked on the confirmation email, he will receive a thank you message and of course the link for his gift or offer.

You will then have completed follow-up messages, which the autoresponder will send out to everyone who subscribes to your opt-in form at the interval you have stipulated, it could be daily or every two days, or once a week or whatever you think is best.

I use aweber as my autoresponder, and have found them very good and efficient, getresponse is another one that has a good reputation. However you do want to get a good autoresponder as the follow-up emails are important and not all autoresponders do a good job at getting the emails out quickly and efficiently. Sometimes people have to wait a few days before they get their email, and sadly I know from experience that once the moment has passed, they won’t even open the email.

That completes this blog on the importance and differences of squeeze pages and landing pages. I had hoped to say that next blog post I will show you how to write a WordPress squeeze page, but have to confess that I have met with failure at this point. You see a squeeze page really doesn’t want any distractions, no fancy header, comment box or media buttons, just a plain page with the benefit for example, ‘How to train your puppy’ if your are in the dog training niche, as a large header.

I have tried to do this in WordPress, and sadly the entire website was changed into the look of a squeeze page or landing page. I have had to uninstall the software I received to enable me to get back my site back to looking how I want it to look.I am asking everyone I know how to do this, apparently it can be done, but the person I spoke to wanted access to my website so he could do it for me. As far as I was concerned that just didn’t help, because I wanted something that anyone could do. Trouble is you have to get into the files, and if you don’t know what you are doing, you can really mess up all your files to the point where you would have to uninstall everything and start again.

Hopefully by the next blog post I will have an answer to this dilemma.

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I was born in Zambia,educated in Cape Town, South Africa and emigrated to the United Kingdom in 1970. I came to marry my husband, whom I had met in Cape Town, we have been married for over 40 years and have 3 children and 2 grandchildren of whom we are very proud.
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