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If you read my previous blog you will know that to become an affiliate marketer is perhaps the easiest way of earning money online, mainly because you don’t have to have a great deal of money. You can almost get started on a very small budget if you have a little know how and pick the right niche and of course the right products to promote.

You, the affiliate will earn a percentage of every product that is bought because of your referral. I am going to use Clickbank Marketplace as my example, but Amazon and Commission Junction are also good places to go if you are wanting to be an affiliate marketer. Whilst I will refer to buyers and vendors for Clickbank, the aim of this blog is to show you how to become an affiliate marketer using clickbank and its products.

Clickbank Marketplace is the place to sell any product if you have a product to sell or if you want to promote someone-else’s product. It was created for buyers, vendors and affiliates. As buyers you will find all the reviews, solutions, and products such as ebooks, software and membership coaching sites for anything you want to do.

For vendors this is the most incredible marketplace to display their products, and everything is taken care of, for them. All the headaches that goes with selling products is done for them. Of course the same applies for the affiliate marketers, they can sign up for a free account, and can promote any product they fancy. If they are successful and sell many products all the money, downloads, and refunds are taken care of.

As a vendor you can create an affiliate program through Clickbank and then your product will be promoted by hundreds if not thousands of affiliates, who will earn a good percentage, often between 50% to as much as 75% of the value of that product, it is up to you to make sure you know the percentage of sale of the product you are promoting.

Clickbank takes care of all the nitty gritty stuff, like sending out an invoice and getting the money in before the download can take place. It pays both the vendor and the affiliate, the affiliate doesn’t have to wonder if the vendor will pay him/her because that is taken care of by Clickbank. If the buyer doesn’t like the product for any reason, then Clickbank will deal with refunds. The affiliate will also lose the sale, and so will the vendor, but its all taken care of by Clickbank. It takes all the bother and headache out of the act of selling. Of course all the VAT and taxes are also taken care of, and I don’t think that any vendor could possibly find a better place to sell their digital products.

People also learn to trust in Clickbank, because they are so good about refunds. After all we are talking about a digital product here, how do you return a digital product. Well, the truth is you can’t, and you don’t. You have to trust that people will be honest and only want a refund if there is a good reason. I have no doubt that you get some people who buy a product and then want their money back, just because they want something for nothing, and that is a fact of life, but if it was a regular thing Clickbank would soon realise it and they would be blacklisted.

People go to Clickbank and look at all the products in the niche they are wanting to promote, look at the product and the sales letter, look at the various stats that show how well that product is selling and make a decision on whether to buy that product or promote that product.

If you want to see a tutorial video on Clickbank and how to use it then click here

So if you are wanting to become an affiliate marketer using Clickbank Marketplace, how do you do it. First of all you sign up for a free account following the onscreen instructions giving your name and address, make sure this is correct because you will be paid by cheque that will be sent to you. You then think of a nickname that you will register as your user ID. That user ID is very important because it is part of the hoplink you need to promote the products. Please watch the first video to know the importance of hoplinks, and the stats called gravity.There is a Clickbank Video on how to have special software that will help you to easily spot the products that don’t have very high competition and are easier therefore for a beginner to promote. This is called CBSurge, if you are interested than click here to watch the video

It is important that you take note of what both videos say about using gravity correctly. Gravity is one of the stats shown on every Clickbank product. If the gravity is too high, then the competition is too fierce. If the gravity is too low, then the product isn’t selling. Do not confuse gravity with CB Surge product marking of green for products whose competition isn’t too high, and red for products whose competition is too high – it is just a guide and not to be confused with gravity. Gravity is how many products has been sold by affiliates that week.  Competition is a problem, if you don’t get it right than your ranking on Google won’t be high enough.

The other thing to do is to type the product into Google and check out the reviews. If the product gets good reviews than other people are confirming that the product is worthy of your time and attention to try and promote. The other thing in the first video is to note what was said about hoplinks, I did write quite a lot about the importance of hoplinks, but it made the post too long, so thought the video is enough.

In my next post I will discuss hoplinks and their importance.That completes this post on Clickbank, the next one I will discuss the differences of Clickbank, Amazon and Commission Junction, and also of course hoplinks and their importance.

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