The Importance of SEO to Get Highly Ranked in Search Engines.

This blog post is the first of my ‘how to get more traffic to my website research‘. I have focused on SEO (Search Engine Optimisation), what it is and how to use it effectively. After all if you aren’t ranked by the search engines then you may as well give up and not bother. I am speaking to myself when I say that, mainly because I understood that content was king, and you mustn’t sacrifice content for keywords. That isn’t the right way either. So what is the right way to get good SEO for your website.

My understanding now, is that Google wants your website to be user friendly, a website that your Grandmother would be happy to use, that she shouldn’t arrive on it and immediately click off because she couldn’t find what she was looking for.

Content is important and relevant. But so are keywords. However your keywords must be used in a particular way, and this is something I have just discovered, so I find that I am going to have to go back to the drawing board and adjust my blogs to take this information in.

But before I deal with the keyword information, I want to complete what I was saying about the content of your website. Google wants the content not only to be interesting and fun to read, it mustn’t be dry and uninteresting, and of course it must be unique. Google wants Grandma to trust the information on the website if she comes to the website via Google. Grandma also wants to know that if she gives her credit card on the site, her details will be protected and that she will get exactly what the site says she is buying.

In other words your site must be authoritative, and have integrity.What Google doesn’t like, is what is known as bad neighborhoods, meaning gaming sites, porn sites or even websites promising cures for cancer and other illnesses that aren’t medically backed up. Even sites that are into MLM or network marketing, or sites that buy backlinks, and comments. Or uses software to make auto or spam comments on multiple sites especially if they are leaving their website’s URL which is a form of advertising on your website.

If you are into buying back links Google soon knows and I understand she will quietly downgrade your ranking. Allowing comment spam also gives you a bad reputation with Google, she wants you to delete all that stuff. Even today people are advising you to go to and for a five dollars you can get someone to do thousands of back links to your website. But that doesn’t do any good. Backlinks are important but are only helpful if they are genuine, and especially if the backlinks are from a site that is an authority of your niche – it gives credence to your website, which is what Google wants.

Another no-no is writing guest posts on a ‘bad neighbourhood site’. It seems you become tarred with the same brush when you do so.

The other thing Google doesn’t like is ‘over optimisation‘, she doesn’t like it when you stuff your blog full of keywords that stop the flow of the article. This keyword problem is very particular, get it right and you will rise in the rankings, get it wrong and you will lose out in the rankings. Sometimes it is very difficult to use keywords, for instance this blog post doesn’t lend itself to keywords.’The importance of SEO’ isn’t something that people are asking the search engines, but it is important for this blog post. So again I am not able to use keywords for this blog post.

As well as wanting good content, unique content, they don’t want spun content i.e.the same article but with different words wherever possible, trying to make it unique – even though it really is the same. You can purchase article spinners that will do that for you, but often the article isn’t really readable. Not only does Google want content, good readable unique content, but they want your site updated frequently. They also frown on you outsourcing the content, especially if the writer you are using, their first language isn’t English.

They also want you linked to the social media sites, but again they want real tweets, and with Facebook, you not only need likes, shares but also comments. Comments being very important because that denotes it is real and real people are appreciating your posts.

So it is a fine balance and you do need to know what you are doing. But it can become very time consuming and costly.

Recently I received a comment on one of my blog sites that told me my On-Page SEO was missing quite a few factors. They told me I wasn’t using all three heading tags in my post or using italics or bold type correctly. Apparently not only must you use the keyword, or long tailed keyword in your URL, but you must use it about three times as a heading in your blog, using the 3 different heading tags or fonts. Then you should use the keywords in your paragraphs asking the relevant questions that people would probably use whilst doing their search in Google.

In other words if you are reviewing a product you could use the product’s name as your keyword and the question you ask is, ‘Is ‘PRODUCT’ a scam?’ ‘Or will ‘PRODUCT’ earn money for a newbie?’ They made the statement that ever since Google changed their algorithms, called the Panda Slap, where quite a number of Internet Marketers lost their rankings and therefore their livelihood, that backlinks or RSS Feeds or ‘pinging’ are no longer enough, you really need to get your SEO right if you want to be highly ranked by Google and Alexa. Algorithms is a set of precise, not ambiguous rules that specify how to solve some problem or perform some act e.g. how to get highly ranked in Google.

This completes this blog post on the importance of SEO and what is involved to get your website highly ranked in the search engines. I hope it helped you understand what you need to do to get highly ranked especially in Google. I must confess I find it very difficult to put SEO into action, sadly if one wants to get highly ranked one must endeavor to get to grips with it all. My next blog post will be on social media as another means of getting traffic to your site.

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Researching Ways to Get More Traffic to Website – Part One

It is a long time since I posted my last blog post, ‘How to Use Amazon and Clickbank Marketplace to Choose the Right Product to Promote.’ I did say that my next post was going to be on writing the reviews for the products you are promoting, but have changed my mind, mainly as I have written blog posts on writing content, and feel I will be repeating myself.

Since then I decided to build a dedicated website promoting Amazon products. I have to be honest, the first website where I was promoting the Kindle eBook Reader, didn’t really get off the ground, and since then I have purchased a plugin which took many days for me to get it configured properly. It wasn’t the fault of the plugin, but it was in conflict with the captcha plugins I had placed on the website to regulate the comments, as I was told that my websites were under attack by the autobots writing comments.

I am very grateful for the technical assistance I received from Hostgator, as there was one line from the captcha plugin that just would not be removed even though the old website was completely deleted and a fresh wordpress site installed over it.

This new plugin is doing the hard work for me, as it writes the post and produces the images and I just sit back and enjoy the freedom from the much hard work it gives me. It does take time to copy and paste all the product code that goes with promoting products on Amazon, and write the reviews on those products. This plugin does it all for me. I set the campaign and the posts appear like magic. There is a very good video that comes with the plugin to help configure it and do the campaigns.

I am promoting video cameras and computers, but sadly they are all jumbled up together, and that is due to my mistake, which I found I couldn’t reverse, so am letting it run to see what happens – if anything. If you would like to visit my new Amazon Shopping Website than click the link coloured yellow. If you are interested in the plugin I am using, I purchased it as a WSO plugin so was fortunate in getting it quite cheaply, but I am very pleased with it. The plugin is called WP-Amazd, and Sam England is the author.

I notice from my stats that I am getting more visitors to my amazon shopping website, and they are increasing daily which is great, but sadly no-one has purchased any product as yet. But it is early stages as yet, and the website isn’t indexed by Yahoo or Bing yet, hopefully it won’t be long before it is.

So to recap on everything, I think I have covered everything now about having a website and becoming an affiliate marketer. The next stage is the really difficult part. How do you get people to find you on the web. Remember I said in a previous blog that if no-one comes to your store you won’t make money, and that is exactly where I am right now.

So far all the courses I have purchased on learning how to get traffic to ones website haven’t been successful. Actually that isn’t a fair statement to make, because if you pay for advertising you are bound to get traffic, but I am not in a position at the moment to pay for advertising. I understand you can get free classified ads, and I intend to explore that route more thoroughly.What I have been doing is the traffic exchange, earning so many points for every ad I have read. What I have found is, it is very time consuming, and I am not sure if it is effective enough to warrant the time spent on it. I certainly didn’t see any ad that I was interested in enough to read further, and I suspect that is true for the majority of surfers.

I was also advised to try Twitter, which I did, and had partial success tweeting, but again I found it very time consuming and felt it didn’t warrant the time I was spending tweeting. I would be very interested to hear from any of you, who are making a success of Twitter and of course Facebook.It really does depend one getting your website ranked highly in Google and that means you must get the keywords right, and so often the keywords you want to use in your article, blog etc are such popular words you just can’t get highly ranked.

This is the dilemma one faces, especially when one is in a broad niche like Internet marketing.When I decided on doing this website, I took the decision not to worry about keywords at the expense of what I am trying to say, and now I am paying the price. At first I was delighted, I seemed to be getting very good traffic to the site, judging by the comments. Especially as the comments seemed pretty favourable. Sadly I found it was a ‘fools paradise.’ Put it down to lack of experience. But then the whole purpose of this site is to do the research and to publish what I find works and what doesn’t.

Again I found that people were using my comments box to advertise their site and even their products. Also I found that many comments weren’t written by humans but by the autobots. So it is hard to know exactly how many people are coming to ones site after all. Once I removed the captcha plugin of all my websites, I had to take the decision to only allow comments where people have given their names, but even then I don’t really know if the comments are written by autobots or people. I wish there was a way where one can be sure, because it is a great putoff.

Well, that concludes this blog post about getting traffic to ones website. I know I have barely scratched the surface, I just intended this to be a general blog post to let you know what was happening and why I haven’t posted for so long. I intend to really research this traffic problem in greater depth, and just ask for your patience.

This is where people come adrift in the whole Internet Marketing scene. Either the ‘guru’s are deliberately not giving away their precious secrets, or they aren’t explaining the technicalities in such a way that one understands and can follow. I have found that when people do things so often they do it in an automated way, and when they are explaining, they leave bits out, not because necessarily they intend to, but just because they have forgotten what its like to be a newbie at this game. I intend to research and publish the results in depth of each of the accepted methods of driving traffic to your website.

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How to Use Clickbank and Amazon Marketplace to Choose the Right Product to Promote

In my previous blog post I wrote how important it was to choose the right product to promote, how Mack Michaels says he uses due diligence before he selects his product.

This blog post I will discuss the things to look out for when you go to Clickbank Marketplace.  Clickbank is good in that it has various statistics that help you to make good choices.  I have found a you tube video on a product called CBSurge.  This is a free product unless you want to upgrade to the elite package, but the free one does help you make very good choices.  If you want to watch the CB Surge video than click the link coloured yellow. Actually in a previous blog post on Clickbank I gave you the CB Surge video link, so forgive me for repeating myself, but I do think that if you are wanting to become an Affiliate marketer this is too important to gloss over.

The tutorial virtually explains all you need to know about the Clickbank Marketplace, and it also has other statistics which unfold to enable you to look deeper into the product.  For example it has a graph which shows you how the product is selling during the launch week, if the sales are going up or down.  It will tell you if it is a nine days wonder, or if it is something worthwhile to spend your time on. Mack Michaels says to do due diligence on a product to see if it is worth spending time on, and CB Surge definitely helps in this area.

CB Surge also comes with a very valuable statistic, it shows you the products that are almost impossible for you to promote, and it highlights those products in red and the ones that are possible to promote it highlights in green.  Don’t get confused with gravity, and CBSurge green and red stats, they have different meanings.  But the CB Surge green means simply the product is easy to promote, and the red means that for the ordinary affiliate marketer it is an impossible product to promote, not worth ones time and energy.

I think I have said everything needed to say about using Clickbank and choosing the right product. Hopefully you will find CB Surge an excellent tool to use. Do the due diligence needed to make the right choice and find a great product to promote.

Amazon is a different marketplace altogether.  I don’t know why, but I sort of envisaged that it would be very similar to Clickbank, with the main difference that products are physical as opposed to the digital products of Clickbank.  I had also been put off by the fact that commissions are so much lower, but from all the ideas I have gleaned from watching the you tube videos, it has changed my mind completely.

The beauty of it is there are many different ways that you can promote Amazon products, and something I didn’t know is that if anyone goes to Amazon through your affiliate link, and buys something that isn’t the product you were promoting, you still earn money from their purchase.  The other very important thing to remember, physical products have a higher conversion rate than digital, in other words people prefer to purchase a product that they know about and can see it, rather than an information product. With the exception that a person will buy an information, digital product if it answers the question that person is asking, and if that question is of immense importance to that person.

I am going to use quite a few you tube videos to show you the different aspects of using Amazon.  I will say that this research has been very profitable for me as it has opened my eyes to the great possibilities of using Amazon as another method of earning money online. The first you-tube video is on signing up to become an Amazon Associate, they call their affiliate marketers Associates, and it can be a little tricky, so if you want to watch the video click on the link coloured yellow.

When I wrote about how to use WordPress and all the pros and cons of using it, I found almost a complete set of tutorial videos that for someone who has never used WordPress it would be an invaluable resource.  However I did have a comment or two about using so many you-tube videos, but I don’t think there is a better way to show how to use something like Amazon or WordPress than by video, and I am extremely grateful that so many people out there, have made these amazing videos to help others.  Please bear with me, if watching these videos isn’t for you, because you already know everything there is to know about Amazon, just remember that for some of us it is a huge learning curve.

One of the great things with Amazon products is you can use it on your blog post if it is relevant. The more relevant to your blog the products that you are promoting, the more readily your readers will want to purchase that product. Writing reviews seem to be the easiest way to promote Amazon products, but be fair and make sure that if you are reviewing the product that you actually do know the product and can give genuine views on the pros and cons. Some people will write reviews on products they actually own, that is being sold by Amazon. If you want to watch a you-tube video  on Amazon’s Secret on how to make more sales than click on the link coloured yellow.

To promote Amazon products you do need to know how to create Amazon Affiliate links to the actual products, to watch the video than click on the link coloured yellow.

If you go to Amazon there is a section called aStore, and there they give you instructions on how to build an aStore or professional online store that you can embed into your website or add links from your website to a subdomain, and you can do this in minutes and without any programming skills. ‘Associates can configure an aStore in Associates Central by navigating through a forms-driven set up process. The store can be built and configured within minutes and Associates only need to copy a line of html code into their web pages. All data will be served from Amazon Web Services and therefore will always be up to date. Once set up, it does not require any maintenance from the Associate.’  This is copied directly from Amazon to show you that setting up the aStore need not be difficult. If you want to watch a video on how to design your Amazon aStore than click on the link coloured yellow.

If you are serious about promoting Amazon products using WordPress, you can
use something called Shopperpress, a dedicated WordPress theme to enable you to set up you aStore, but it will cost you, however at the moment it is on a half price offer, but for how long I cannot say. If you are interested than go to

I have since found that there are free WordPress themes that you can adapt to promote Amazon products, and in fact I did have the first of my Amazon Affiliate website up using a dedicated theme, but I changed it for a normal theme because I purchased a plugin that gives this site info on all products that I want to promote and it clashed with the Amazon shopping theme I originally chose.

If you would like to visit my new updated Amazon Shopping Website than click on the link coloured yellow. When I originally built it I used a specific template designed for promoting Amazon products, however I found that I was getting very few visitors. Later I was purchased a plugin but found it wouldn’t work with the theme that was installed so I had that theme deleted and I used the standard theme that comes with the WordPress install.

I set the campaign of products to promote, it can be anything, but because I was very unsure of what I was doing, I just followed the plugin video absolutely, and did my first campaign on video cameras.  Then I thought I would see what happens if I did a campaign on computers, and when I realized that the products would be all muddled up I did try to delete them, but wasn’t successful.  So now I have two campaigns running simultaneously and the plugin writes the blog on each product.

I am watching this with great interest, but still feel that I would be better off promoting products I know and can review because  I use these products and know the pros and cons. Or going ahead and building an Amazon aStore on whatever niche I fancy.

Some marketers find that Amazon Ads are more profitable that Google Adsense, and perhaps easier to implement.  I have tried getting Google Adsense on this website, but somehow I am just not successful.  I have infolinks on as a form of advertising, but haven’t earned a penny from that at all.  So I will try and see how getting Amazon Ads onto the site makes any difference.

That concludes this blog post on how to use Clickbank and Amazon to find suitable products to promote.  My next blog post will be on writing your content or review for the products you are wanting to promote.

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How To Choose The Right Products To Promote As An Affiliate

This is a very important area to conquer in your quest to earn money on line as an affiliate. Up to now we have discussed how to choose the right niche, how to find the right keywords, how to write your own content, but all of that is of no importance if the product you are choosing doesn’t deliver all it promises.

I have recently purchased a product myself, and am also promoting it, it promises how to get more visitors to ones website and how to build ‘the list’. That of course is an area where I am battling, so it was answering the question I was seeking answers for. Mack Michaels, the vendor, declares that he has made a great deal of money from being an affiliate marketer, over $6,525,657.88 in the last two years, and that is his net amount, so refunds and tax have been deducted.

Mack Michaels maintains that he is very careful which products he promotes, he doesn’t believe in wasting his valuable time on products that are just ‘slapped together,’ his terminology.  He very worryingly says, that although Clickbank has a great number of products to choose from, more than 13,849, that is the number of products at the time Mack Michaels made this report, that 90% of them are very poor in quality, so doing due diligence is essential, or be prepared for a great many refunds.

If you don’t do due diligence and promote poor quality products, your readers will lose their trust in you and your blog may suffer as a consequence. On the other hand if the product is of good quality, and it solves the question that your readers are asking, than your blog will be greatly increased as a result.

You must know the question people are asking in your niche. My question is not just getting more people to my website, that is important, but how to get people to optin to my optin form so I can start to build a list, which is the foundation stone of affiliate marketing.

That is why I was interested in Millionaire Society, interested enough in joining the membership site, paying a monthly fee for the privilege, because Mack Michaels said he would be continuously giving unique ideas to help one achieve this goal. So far he has been true to his word, and the solutions are unique, and they do work. He promises good support, and I can vouch for the fact that every email I have written to him, has been answered immediately, and my problem sorted. That alone is excellent, because I have purchased products in the past, where I have written to the vendor, and he hasn’t replied, I have written again, but if I get no reply within ten days, then I apply for a refund. If anyone is interested in the Mack Michaels product Millionaire Society than click the link coloured yellow.

I must say that is the beauty of dealing with Clickbank, they have always refunded my money with no bother at all.

The quality of the product isn’t always easy to assess, I always read up the reviews and thought that was a good guide, but now I realize that some of the reviews may be just another person trying to promote that product. If you can find customers comments on the product that probably is a good indication to the overall quality of the product, but again these can be falsified. I have noticed lately that people are giving short video reviews, that is a good idea, but I guess even these can be falsified. I don’t know how Mack Michaels finds out about customer support, surely he will only get that if he has actually bought the product, maybe that is what he does.

If you go to Clickbank, and click on the niche you are wanting to promote, don’t forget to look at the gravity stats. They mustn’t be too high ( the product will be so popular you won’t be able to compete, and they mustn’t be too low – which means no one is interested. Above 25 and less than 100 was a rule of thumb that I read somewhere. But for Millionaire Society I wasn’t interested in the gravity, as I wanted the product, it answered my question, and if I can promote it, that is a bonus. Check out the sales letter, see if it is a product you actually want to buy, that is always a good indication. Mind you some very poor quality products have great sales letters, so don’t be fooled. Read as many reviews as you can, especially look for ones that tell you of the pros and con. If they are honest there will always be cons to every product and an honest reviewer should give the cons as well as the pros.

One online marketer suggested that if you decide on your niche, that you run three different products, two digital and one physical, I thought that was quite a good yardstick, if you were in a niche that allowed you to do so. For example he was promoting a course on ‘guitar chords’, and ‘how to read music quickly’, and then promoting a guitar for sale. I really liked that, as music is a passion in my life, but it would be a keyboard rather than a guitar. All three products were from different sources, Amazon was where he found the guitar to promote. Amazon doesn’t pay good commissions, but he maintains that people prefer to buy physical products rather than digital, and I can see that. One day I will give that idea a try.

Your blog must be centered around the product you are promoting, it’s no use having a blog on Internet Marketing and then trying to sell products to do with Music, your readers won’t be interested. So choosing the right affiliate products is essential to the success of your campaign.Beware of any thing that promises instant riches, especially the software that promises with one click of the mouse your computer will turn into an ATM machine. Beware of paid actors, and flash cars, and Clickbank payment statistics, as I understand they can all be manufactured using photoshop software. Someone remarked that it is like swimming with the sharks, and I think that is a fair picture.

I know I am pointing out the negative aspects of many products on Clickbank, but one gets a little jaundiced when all the sales videos says the same things. However there are good products out there, and if you do due diligence you will find them. The other thing to remember, physical products sell better than digital, so if you are hesitant about the problems of digital products, we all own physical products that we enjoy, that can be found at Amazon, and this could well be a starting point, a physical product that you know well, and can give all the pros and cons about it.

That concludes this blog post, I do hope that you have a clearer idea of how to go about selecting a product to promote. I know I have quoted Mack Michaels rather a lot, but then I have been listening to what he has to say, and I guess it made sense to me, and I do hope it does to you. My next blog post will discuss how to choose a product using Clickbank Marketplace and also the benefits of a physical product from Amazon, even though commissions are much lower.

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How to Build a Webpage using WordPress

There are many ways to build you own website, and it really depends on what kind of a website you are wanting to build.  If you are a business and your website is a showcase for your business, it would probably be more profitable in the long run to hire a web designer and get it done professionally.

My first website I built, from scratch, knowing absolutely nothing about website design or construction.  I used Kompozer as a Text Editor, it is a free download if you are using Mozilla Firefox as your browser.  I believe Internet Explorer uses NVU as their Text Editor.  When you use a Text Editor, you can use it in the same sort of way as you use a word processor, do everything in a visual kind of way, but the Text Editor translates it into html, which is the language of the web.

I did find this quite productive, and not too difficult to use, thanks to free video tutorials on you-tube which helped me with all the practical issues, and because they are ‘look over the shoulder; type of videos, I didn’t find it too difficult to do.  However I really didn’t understand Search Engine Optimization, so the net result is very few people visited my website.   Yes, I wrote blogs and articles and did Twitter etc, but there wasn’t much response.

You will need FTP software to transport your files to your webhost.  Again there are free FTP software available.  If you are using a PC than FileZilla is the popular one to use, again it is free, and again you can find tutorials on how to use it on the Web or You-tube.  If you use an Apple Mac, than FileZilla is not an option, unless you have a very new machine, with the latest Operating System.  I have an older machine, but had an upgrade done on it last year, and yet I wasn’t able to use File Zilla, although the Operating System was in its specifications.  I was advised to use Cyberduck, another free download, and I found it more than adequate for my needs.  The beauty of WordPress is that you don’t really need any of this, your site is on the web and you can work on it whilst it is up and running.

I was then advised to build a WordPress website, and I have found it a very different platform.  It comes with an amazing amount of plugins that you can choose to use with your website. Plugins are small bits of software that you can in some cases download from WordPress Site for free, in some cases you can purchase them, but then you upload them to your site and they make a WordPress site a powerful platform.

Of course you must decide what niche you are going to go into.  This is very important, because if you are going to have a website that is purely for promoting other peoples products, it will have a different look to the normal WordPress website. Don’t forget you need a domain name before you can start to build a website. If you purchase the domain name from a different source to your webhost, than it must be pointed to your webhost.  I explained how that was done in my blog post on Domain Names.

Before I start writing on how to build a WordPress website, I must explain the differences between and is a dedicated blogging site, you don’t need a domain name, or a webhost, it is purely for blogging, it is a great way to get started for free.  However your name and wordpress is what is shown in the address bar, so you can’t get your brand name across. is an open source blogging platform.  Open source just means that top web programmers around the world are working together to give you WordPress blogging platform, to keep it up to date, without costing you anything.  You can download WordPress to your computer, and then use FTP to send it to your webhost, but it is much simpler just to go to your webhost, if you are using Hostgator or a webhost of a similar ilk, and install it directly from them to your cPanel.

I am not going to go into a lengthy instruction on how to download the program from WordPress and how to install it.  I have to be honest, I found the install instructions fairly complicated and in the end I simply asked my webhost support team to do it for me.  I use Hostgator as I have found them extremely helpful and they have an amazing live chat support team who have always sorted out my problems.  They also have a ‘quick install WordPress’ button and if you use that, it gets rid of most of the technical problems of installing this onto your website.  But I have found the live chat support team even willing to do a complete install for me.

Hostgator is a great web host and for $9.95 a month you can have a ‘baby share’ hosting scheme and you can have as many domain names hosted for that one amount.  This is very useful if you are having a different domain for every product and niche you are promoting. If you are going to be an affiliate marketer, or even promote your own products and be an Internet Marketer than it is advisable to have a dedicated domain name and website for each of the niches you are promoting.  Some people have three or four products of a similar ilk that they are promoting on one website, but they are all in the same niche.

The beauty about WordPress is that you work on it alive.  By that I mean you don’t have to take it down to work on it on your computer, and then FTP it back to your Webhost.  When you want to use the dashboard, you tack on wp-admin/ on to the end of your website URL and that leads you to the admin page which is password enabled, using  the password your webhost gave you.  When your site is first up the first post reads “Hello World . . . .” and the header is preselected by WordPress.  They have eight headers that they keep changing around until you select the one you want to represent your website. Once you are ready to publish your first post, then delete the “Hello World”, and anything that relates to it.

I have included a full You-tube tutorial series for your benefit – it is on WordPress 3, and that is great as each of the WordPress versions are a little different.  Below is a list of these tutorials in order. WordPress 3 is the latest version.

If you want to watch the 1st You-tube video on Introduction to Dashboard using WordPress 3 than click the link coloured in yellow.

For the 2nd WordPress 3 You-tube video on Anatomy of a Blog Post than click the link coloured in yellow

For the 3rd WordPress 3 You-tube video on Formattings Options on Posts than click the link coloured in yellow.

For the 4th WordPress 3 You-tube video on Inserting Image in Post of Page than click the link coloured in yellow.

For the 5th WordPress 3 You-tube video on Embedding You-tube Video than click the link coloured in yellow.

For the 6th WordPress 3 You-tube video on Creating an Optimized Blog Post than click the link coloured in yellow.

For the 7th WordPress 3 You-tube video on Creating WordPress Pages than click the link coloured in yellow.

For the 8th WordPress 3 You-tube video on Custom Menus than click the link coloured in yellow.

For the 9th WordPress 3 You-tube video on The Anatomy of a WordPress Site thanclick the link coloured in yellow.

For the 10th WordPress 3 You-tube video on Introduction to Themes than click the link coloured in yellow.

For the 11th WordPress 3 You-tube video on Choosing WordPress Themes than click the link coloured in yellow.

For the 12th WordPress 3 You-tube video on Populating your Sidebar with Widgets than click the link coloured in yellow.

For the 13th WordPress 3 You-tube video on Creating Widgets and Badges for website than click the link coloured in yellow.

For the 14th WordPress 3 You-tube video on Introduction to WordPress plugins than click the link coloured in yellow.

I hope these You-tube videos help you in building your website, no video is longer than ten minutes, and the beauty is the titles tell you what to expect.  I have listed them so that you will find it easier to go to the video you are needing to use.

This completes my blog post on building a website, especially a WordPress website.  I hope the you-tube videos help you get started and also remember that a blogging website is different to a marketing website.  Also remember that before you are indexed in Google you need to type the full URL into the search bar where Google’s URL is and that should bring you to your site. My next blog post I will discuss affiliate products and using a WordPress site to promote affiliate products.


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How to Create a Squeeze Page in WordPress

In my last blog post Discussing the Importance and Differences Between Landing Pages, Squeeze pages and Opt-in Pages, I said at the end that I was not able at that moment in time to do a dedicated squeeze/landing page in WordPress without changing the theme totally.

The only way I could do use this was to approach Hostgator, who hosts my website, and ask if I could have a sub-domain, and they told me that was fine. So in the subdomain I uploaded the landingpage/squeeze page and that carries its own URL and I can link to that URL from this blog post. I called the sub-domain – it only contains the first of my squeeze pages. If you are wanting to do the same, than I recommend that you contact whoever hosts your site, and hopefully they will be as kind to you as Hostgator was to me, and set up the sub-domain as a wordpress site for you. I am not saying it was technically beyond me, but I was very grateful when they did it for me.

There is a website where you can download a free wordpress template for landing pages and alter it so you can use it to make a squeeze page, the only trouble was when you uploaded it to your blogging site, it totally changed every page in your blog to look like the squeeze page. A squeeze page wants to be totally without distraction, no fancy header, no comment boxes and no social media buttons. That is why I had a dedicated subdomain created to house the landing pages. If you go to you will be able to download, for a limited time, a free wordpress-landingpage template, which will convert easily into a squeeze page.

So this is a short blog post, its main function is to see if any of you will complete the optin form that comes with the squeeze page. I am offering a FREE GIFT – called BLOGGING FOR CASH, and if you fill in the form Aweber will send you a confirmation email, that is to stop you from saying I am sending you SPAM. Please check both your SPAM box and your inbox. Please click on the confirmation email and the gift BLOGGING FOR CASH will be sent to you. If you want to receive the free gift than click here.


This is a trial run, to see if this works in WordPress. If one has an html website, than each page can be different, but WordPress is really a blogging platform, so you either have to have a dedicated site for all your affiliate offers if you are wanting to be an affiliate/internet marketer. That is the purpose of this site, to inform you how to become an Internet Marketer or Affiliate Marketer. The squeeze/landing page is crucial to the whole operation.In my previous blog post I wrote that ideally a squeeze page should Have a Good Headline, and then about 5 bullet points, in alternate colours, or if you can’t do that, make one point BOLD and the other in ordinary type, to make the points stand out.Then comes the opt-in form, you must go to your autoresponder for the html code, but the video that comes with the template shows you how to do that. It should all fit in above the fold – or you should see it in completion instead of having to scroll down the screen. Now I am having to eat my words, as I couldn’t get my first effort to do just that.

I don’t know why but somehow the titles kept the size they are now, I just couldn’t really control it, and sadly the optin form is just off the page – so if you want the gift you will have to scroll down. I will have to have a play around with this and see if there is another way to do it. Perhaps when I was doing it I did something not quite right and it just didn’t want to correct itself. Even trying to do an html page in Kompozer didn’t work out too well, when I came to copy it into WordPress it all went a little haywire. So for this time I thought this will have to do.

Well that completes my blog-post on building a squeeze page in WordPress, the next blog-post will be on how to build your own website using the WordPress Platform

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Discussing the Importance and the Differences Between Landing Pages, Squeeze Pages and Opt-in Pages

When a person clicks on a link, on an ad, or asks a question in a search engine a landing page is the first page he comes to. Obviously it is a very important page, because if the visitor doesn’t appreciate the look of the page, or it doesn’t answer the question he is looking for, it is nothing for him to click off the page, and if you are into Internet Marketing you have lost a potential customer. You are not only wanting your visitor to ‘land’ but you are wanting him to stay and maybe purchase what you have to offer. A landing page can be the same as a home page, but it is better have a separate landing page and home page. It should be keyword rich for greater SEO optimisation and should display all the products and services that is being offered.

A landing page will most likely have an opt-in form on the actual page, which will encourage the visitor to give his name and address in exchange for receiving your newsletters. This will help you build an email list so that you can email your offers and bonuses and so forth. It is the aim of all potential Internet Marketers to ‘build a list,’ as it is said the ‘money is in the list.’ It is here that you build up a relationship with your potential customers, in the hope that they will come to know and trust you and therefore you will be able to sell or promote whatever you are selling or promoting.

A landing page should give your customers an idea of what you are offering, it should answer the question that your prospect asked, or be relevant to the ad that was clicked on. Landing pages are often linked to from social media and email campaigns to enhance the effectiveness of the advertisements, but its main purpose is to convert the visitors into sales leads.

A squeeze page or sometimes called an opt-in page is very similar to a landing page, inasmuch the purpose is the same, to encourage your visitors to give their names and email addresses in exchange for the gift, bonus or offer you are giving, but it is much shorter. For Internet Marketers, and Affiliate Marketers landing pages and squeeze pages are very important, get them right and you will be successful, the reverse sadly is also true.

A squeeze page (I hate that name, but it means trying to squeeze your customers to leave their name and email address) should be much shorter than a landing page. Realistically it wants attention grabbing headlines that describes your main benefit. e.g. You’re about to learn or receive or get or discover how to do whatever the question. The header wants to be big and bold and if you are able to make it in a bright red colour.

Then you want about 5 bullet points. The bullet points should give 5 points about why getting this offer/gift will answer your question.  It is helpful if you make the bullet points in alternate colours of say red and black, or bold and then ordinary. It just makes the points stand out and easier to read.

If you want to watch a video on Squeeze Pages then click here

Ideally it should be above the fold, in other words the entire squeeze page is seen when it is clicked on, so that the prospect doesn’t have to scroll down, and that means the opt-in form as well. People are impatient these days, actually mostly people’s time is valuable and mostly people don’t have a great deal of it, so they want to see the benefit quickly.

However squeeze pages are evolving, and short videos are being hailed as one of the most successful forms of squeeze pages. People seem to like them, and if the opt-in form is alongside the video, then the squeeze page is most effective and will convert better, meaning more people will fill in the opt-in form and your list will grow.

Sometimes the squeeze page is called an opt-in page, they are one and the same. So whether you are writing a landing page, or a squeeze page the purpose is still the same, to get a prospect or customer or visitor to fill in the opt-in form on the page so you can email them your offers or free gifts.

The opt-in form, whether on a squeeze page or landing page, is linked to an autoresponder. That is a company where you can register the product or campaign you are promoting or selling and if someone fills in your optin form for that product, the autoresponder will send them a confirmation email – this is to make sure it is that person who signed and not someone using that person’s email address that has filled in the op-in form, so you won’t be accused of spam. Once the prospect has clicked on the confirmation email, he will receive a thank you message and of course the link for his gift or offer.

You will then have completed follow-up messages, which the autoresponder will send out to everyone who subscribes to your opt-in form at the interval you have stipulated, it could be daily or every two days, or once a week or whatever you think is best.

I use aweber as my autoresponder, and have found them very good and efficient, getresponse is another one that has a good reputation. However you do want to get a good autoresponder as the follow-up emails are important and not all autoresponders do a good job at getting the emails out quickly and efficiently. Sometimes people have to wait a few days before they get their email, and sadly I know from experience that once the moment has passed, they won’t even open the email.

That completes this blog on the importance and differences of squeeze pages and landing pages. I had hoped to say that next blog post I will show you how to write a WordPress squeeze page, but have to confess that I have met with failure at this point. You see a squeeze page really doesn’t want any distractions, no fancy header, comment box or media buttons, just a plain page with the benefit for example, ‘How to train your puppy’ if your are in the dog training niche, as a large header.

I have tried to do this in WordPress, and sadly the entire website was changed into the look of a squeeze page or landing page. I have had to uninstall the software I received to enable me to get back my site back to looking how I want it to look.I am asking everyone I know how to do this, apparently it can be done, but the person I spoke to wanted access to my website so he could do it for me. As far as I was concerned that just didn’t help, because I wanted something that anyone could do. Trouble is you have to get into the files, and if you don’t know what you are doing, you can really mess up all your files to the point where you would have to uninstall everything and start again.

Hopefully by the next blog post I will have an answer to this dilemma.

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Discussing the Differences between Clickbank, Amazon and Commission Junction

Clickbank, Amazon and Commission Junction all have an affiliate programs where, as affiliates you can promote other peoples products and get paid commissions for doing that.Clickbank deals primarily in digital products, it has an excellent marketplace with a very easy to use system, a cloaked hoplink, and everything is done for you.

Amazon also has an excellent affiliate program, they deal in material products, they have a great online store, but sadly because their commissions are a much smaller percentage than Clickbank, people just don’t bother. However it is well to remember that if you are promoting a product that is expensive, ride-on mowers or tractors come to mind, than 4% isn’t a bad commission.

I don’t really know much about Commission Junction, I have never dealt with them personally, but I went online and have to confess I didn’t find them as easy to use as Clickbank, but that could simply be that I am just not used to it. Commission Junction appears to sell services, digital products and material products. It is is based in Ireland, and of course has a mix of products from Europe, and the adverts are of course in the language of the origin of the product. I did read some reviews on Commission Junction, and some of them weren’t very complimentary at all, but that maybe simply that people are not techie enough to use their interface.

The main problem that seems to cause trouble with affiliate marketers and Commission Junction, is, their affiliate links get stolen. I don’t really know how this can happen, but it must happen because Clickbank is going to a lot of trouble to mask your affiliate identity. It used to be that your affiliate ID could be seen in your Clickbank hoplink. But these days Clickbank has the ability to cloak your affiliate ID, and every product you promote has this cloaking ability so no-one can steal your sales from you, by substituting your affiliate ID for their affiliate ID. I wondered if that was the trouble in Commission Junction, that they were also having a similar problem, but haven’t addressed it. No doubt they will do so in due course.

However one review I read rang alarm bells. It said that initially the reviewer made quite a few sales, and then suddenly he hit a dry patch and didn’t make any sales. After a while Commission Junction took 7.00 out of his bank account. He then said that if he didn’t make any more sales, Commission unction will continue to charge you 7.00 until you have no more money in your account and your account is deactivated.This was written on 10/08/2010 and the URL was Clickbank, Amazon and Commission Junction do run effective affiliate programs, which means there are many products to chose from.In fact one could say we are spoiled for choice.

For all who don’t know, a hoplink is a linking format that embeds the affiliate cookie (a bit of software) into the user’s computer, before taking him to the product page. When someone clicks onto your hoplink, and the link takes him to the product page, if he clicks onto the ADD TO CART button to purchase the product, your hoplink with your affiliate ID (although masked) will be on the sales invoice, and that is how you get paid.

One way that could enhance ones sales is to have a few different digital products in the niche you are promoting, and also one or two material products. For instance if you were in the music niche, you could promote a few products on how to play the keyboard, or guitar, how to learn the chords easily and learn to play by ear, and then depending on whether you went with the guitar or the keyboard you could promote the actual instrument, or maybe both. Perhaps you could advertise music concerts or write a review or two on any concert or gig you have attended. The trick is to get a content rich site, and it’s not only for selling or promoting stuff. You want to get the people’s interest so that they will visit your site again and again.

You could promote products from all three Affiliate Programs if you wished, or from just one, it doesn’t matter. The trick is to find a niche that interests you, and to narrow it down, so that it is a more specialized niche, and then find the products that go with that particular niche.For instance if you were in the Dieting Niche, that is a very popular niche and the competition is very fierce, so I doubt if people will be able to find you. But if you went for a product that helped pregnant women lose extra pounds after they have had the baby, that is a specialized field. Or maybe ‘help to lose belly fat’ or ‘cellulite or reduce thighs.’ Something like that. One thing though, please, please know your niche.

Do have integrity when you are promoting something in the health niche, because when people are desperate and are looking for answers, if you don’t know what you are talking about, you may make their problem worse.Leave those niches to the people who are specializing in them.

That ends this discussion of the differences of Clickbank, Commission Junction and Amazon. What I am mainly trying to say is simply check all three out for the products you are wanting to promote, it may make all the difference to the niche and to your website. I do hope it helped. My next blog post is how to have a squeeze page or opt-in form on WordPress.

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All About Clickbank Marketplace

If you read my previous blog you will know that to become an affiliate marketer is perhaps the easiest way of earning money online, mainly because you don’t have to have a great deal of money. You can almost get started on a very small budget if you have a little know how and pick the right niche and of course the right products to promote.

You, the affiliate will earn a percentage of every product that is bought because of your referral. I am going to use Clickbank Marketplace as my example, but Amazon and Commission Junction are also good places to go if you are wanting to be an affiliate marketer. Whilst I will refer to buyers and vendors for Clickbank, the aim of this blog is to show you how to become an affiliate marketer using clickbank and its products.

Clickbank Marketplace is the place to sell any product if you have a product to sell or if you want to promote someone-else’s product. It was created for buyers, vendors and affiliates. As buyers you will find all the reviews, solutions, and products such as ebooks, software and membership coaching sites for anything you want to do.

For vendors this is the most incredible marketplace to display their products, and everything is taken care of, for them. All the headaches that goes with selling products is done for them. Of course the same applies for the affiliate marketers, they can sign up for a free account, and can promote any product they fancy. If they are successful and sell many products all the money, downloads, and refunds are taken care of.

As a vendor you can create an affiliate program through Clickbank and then your product will be promoted by hundreds if not thousands of affiliates, who will earn a good percentage, often between 50% to as much as 75% of the value of that product, it is up to you to make sure you know the percentage of sale of the product you are promoting.

Clickbank takes care of all the nitty gritty stuff, like sending out an invoice and getting the money in before the download can take place. It pays both the vendor and the affiliate, the affiliate doesn’t have to wonder if the vendor will pay him/her because that is taken care of by Clickbank. If the buyer doesn’t like the product for any reason, then Clickbank will deal with refunds. The affiliate will also lose the sale, and so will the vendor, but its all taken care of by Clickbank. It takes all the bother and headache out of the act of selling. Of course all the VAT and taxes are also taken care of, and I don’t think that any vendor could possibly find a better place to sell their digital products.

People also learn to trust in Clickbank, because they are so good about refunds. After all we are talking about a digital product here, how do you return a digital product. Well, the truth is you can’t, and you don’t. You have to trust that people will be honest and only want a refund if there is a good reason. I have no doubt that you get some people who buy a product and then want their money back, just because they want something for nothing, and that is a fact of life, but if it was a regular thing Clickbank would soon realise it and they would be blacklisted.

People go to Clickbank and look at all the products in the niche they are wanting to promote, look at the product and the sales letter, look at the various stats that show how well that product is selling and make a decision on whether to buy that product or promote that product.

If you want to see a tutorial video on Clickbank and how to use it then click here

So if you are wanting to become an affiliate marketer using Clickbank Marketplace, how do you do it. First of all you sign up for a free account following the onscreen instructions giving your name and address, make sure this is correct because you will be paid by cheque that will be sent to you. You then think of a nickname that you will register as your user ID. That user ID is very important because it is part of the hoplink you need to promote the products. Please watch the first video to know the importance of hoplinks, and the stats called gravity.There is a Clickbank Video on how to have special software that will help you to easily spot the products that don’t have very high competition and are easier therefore for a beginner to promote. This is called CBSurge, if you are interested than click here to watch the video

It is important that you take note of what both videos say about using gravity correctly. Gravity is one of the stats shown on every Clickbank product. If the gravity is too high, then the competition is too fierce. If the gravity is too low, then the product isn’t selling. Do not confuse gravity with CB Surge product marking of green for products whose competition isn’t too high, and red for products whose competition is too high – it is just a guide and not to be confused with gravity. Gravity is how many products has been sold by affiliates that week.  Competition is a problem, if you don’t get it right than your ranking on Google won’t be high enough.

The other thing to do is to type the product into Google and check out the reviews. If the product gets good reviews than other people are confirming that the product is worthy of your time and attention to try and promote. The other thing in the first video is to note what was said about hoplinks, I did write quite a lot about the importance of hoplinks, but it made the post too long, so thought the video is enough.

In my next post I will discuss hoplinks and their importance.That completes this post on Clickbank, the next one I will discuss the differences of Clickbank, Amazon and Commission Junction, and also of course hoplinks and their importance.

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Describing What it Means to be an Affiliate Marketer

In this blog post I am discussing the difference between an affiliate marketer and an internet marketer. Well, they both use the Internet to do their business, but it is done differently. An affiliate marketer is one who promotes other peoples products and collects a commission for doing so.

An Internet Marketer is one who sells his own products, whether they are material products or digital, he still is the sole owner of them.

Affiliate marketing is the one business you can start with very little money.You do need some money but in comparison to starting any other business the amounts are small. You need a computer, a good internet connection, a paypal account, and a little money to purchase your domain name, and your hosting for your website. Remember in a previous blog How to get Domain Names and Get Them Hosted I explained that if you use Hostgator you can have many domains for the price of $9.95 a month, and that is very reasonable indeed.

You also need a Clickbank account, because Clickbank is the place where you will find some of your affiliate products. Amazon, Commision Junction and eBay are other places where you can get affiliate products. I will write another blog post later on about using Clickbank and Amazon as an affiliate marketer.

You will also need an Autoresponder account.I use Aweber, but I will discuss in a later blog post the reasons why you need an autoresponder, and how to use it. Aweber costs me $19.95 a month, and worth every penny.

The beauty of becoming an affiliate marketer is simply you can do this anywhere in the world.

It is a business that enables you to work from home, if you are able enough, and if you have enough time to do all that is necessary to get the business up and running. Even so, you can do it in a part-time capacity and earn the little extra to pay those bills that you are struggling to pay.

The other great thing about being an affiliate marketer is simply you don’t have a product, so you don’t need to worry about sending the product out, especially if it is a physical product and not a digital, you don’t have to worry about sales pages, you just use the products sales page, you don’t need to worry about stock and keeping an inventory, or indeed postage etc, you are just promoting someone else’s products and they have all the worry.

To become a successful affiliate marketer you need to pick a good niche market, I discussed this in the blog post ‘How to Choose Your Niche and Research Content, so if you aren’t sure than go back to that blog post.You can find a good product in your chosen niche by going to Clickbank if it is a digital product, or Amazon for anything else. Amazon pay a much smaller commission, but often the product is more expensive, and people may be more interested in buying it, so you can often make more money by going to Amazon.

Some people maintain that you can be an affiliate marketer without a website, and in fact the first time I tried, I bought a course that was very good, I was able to watch over ‘his’ shoulder and he walked me through using a html editor and gave me 50 landing pages that I could adapt in the html editor to the product I wanted to promote. But when I had these hosted on the web, I was told I needed an Index page for the landing pages to be hosted. And then I had to learn how to do this. This was a head banging time for me, so now I make sure I do have a website.

WordPress is the application I am using now, I am finding it very flexible, I think it could do exactly what you wanted it to do, if you have the know how. Fortunately mostly what I have learned is on the web in the form of free tutorials on You-tube, so don’t forget to go there if you are having problems with how to manage your WordPress site.

A landing page is where you describe the product you are promoting and where you will have an opt-in box so you can collect email addresses for further newsletters to who ever signed up in the first place. Some affiliates don’t worry about the opt-in box, and therefore they don’t build a list. It is collecting those email addresses that are very important as it is constantly said ‘the money is in the list’. That is mainly so you can send out repeat offers, in the hopes that a small percentage of your list will buy from you again.

If you don’t have an opt-in form, than you only have a one time buyer and no list. If you have a landing page, you do need a webhost to host it. The landing page can be your wordpress blog, but you will need a certain amount of content to go with that landing page.The more content you have on your site, the higher the ranking in Google.

That completes my blog post on become an affiliate marketer, my next post will be on how to use Clickbank, and Amazon and Commission Junction.

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